Avantgarde Acoustic at Sound Elite Vancouver

by | May 17, 2020 | News | 0 comments

Avantgarde Acoustic Vancouver
Avantgarde Trio XD Luxury horn speaker

We are thrilled to announce that Germany’s most iconic horn loudspeakers, Avantgarde Acoustic, are arriving at Sound Elite Home Theatres.

All Avantgarde’s loudspeakers are equipped with 106dB high efficiency horn-loaded mid and high range frequency drivers and fully active bass units which are programmable by built-in active crossover and DSP filtering. With its inherent horn design and powerful active woofers, Avantgarde Acoustic loudspeakers guarantee maximum dynamics and zero distortion, delivering a truly unique and pure sound experience.

Awarded worldwide for excellence in sound and design, Avantgarde Acoustic remains to be the most coveted and iconic high-end speakers in history.