JVC New 8K e-Shift D-ILA Projector

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If you ask me to choose what would be the most exciting new products launched in CEDIA 2018, I would definitely say the JVC first 8K e-Shift projector.  A new line-up of JVC D-ILA projects are called DLA-RS3000, RS2000 and RS1000, respectively.  The DLA-RS3000, being the top model of the line features three 0.69″ 4K D-ILA (4096×2160) devices with Auto Tone Mapping and wide colour gamut (100% DCI).  The all-glass 100mm dia. lens are borrowed from their flagship Blu-Escent Laser Light model, DLA-RS4500.  In fact, not many people know that the quality of the lens plays a major role in reproducing the purest image.  Now JVC add-on 8K e-shift function to this projector further makes the DLA-RS3000 the most coveting product of the show.   dlars3000_300

Below is a short video to introduce the JVC new line up projectors:

2018 JVC Reference Series Projector

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