RevOpods by Arya Audio Labs

by | Dec 4, 2020 | News | 0 comments

We announce that Sound Elite is now exclusive authorized dealer for RevOpod in Vancouver, BC.

There are many misconceptions about vibration control and isolation with many products being not effective as marketed. Arthur, the owner of Arya Audio Labs and his engineering team spent almost 2 years developing and testing different vibration control strategies until they found a suitable solution. They’ve utilised the concept of so-called pot bearings technologies from Civil Engineering to control vibration for heavy structures such as bridges. By combining this bearings using elastomers with a spherical bearing it is possible to achieve a highly efficient vibration isolation in all degrees of freedom.

All RevOpods’s structural parts are CNC machined from solid billets of highest quality stainless steel while the contact element to the floor is made of Delrin(R) providing outstanding internal damping properties. The shiny surface finish of metal parts are achieved by highly labour intensive method where each part is polished by hand until a “chrome-like” mirror finish is obtained. For black versions, an additional Titanium-Nitride (TiN) coating is applied on top of the mirror-polished surface using high temperature and vacuum environment. This process makes the black chrome finish highly durable.