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The Merits of JVC Projectors

From now on, we will be posting videos (total of 10) weekly highlighting the advantages of being a user of a JVC projector. The following will also give you some ideas of the development of the latest technologies offered by the leading projector industries.  Be inspired to your next home theater project and enjoy!

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JVC New 8K e-Shift D-ILA Projector

If you ask me to choose what would be the most exciting new products launched in CEDIA 2018, I would definitely say the JVC first 8K e-Shift projector.  A new line-up of JVC D-ILA projects are called DLA-RS3000, RS2000 and RS1000, respectively.  The DLA-RS3000, being the top model of the line features three 0.69″ 4K D-ILA (4096×2160) devices with Auto Tone Mapping and wide colour gamut (100% DCI).  The all-glass 100mm dia. lens are borrowed from their flagship Blu-Escent Laser Light model, DLA-RS4500.  In fact, not many people know that the quality of the lens plays a major role in reproducing the purest image.  Now JVC add-on 8K e-shift function to this projector further makes the DLA-RS3000 the most coveting product of the show.   dlars3000_300

Below is a short video to introduce the JVC new line up projectors:

2018 JVC Reference Series Projector

Sound Elite is proud to be PVA (Professional Video Alliance) certified calibrator.  From now on, we provide a one time free video calibration service to each customer who purchase projector from us.  “Please let your investment in your dream home media/theater room be delivered by our certified professional in a professional way”.

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Wilson Benesch

WILSON BENESCH – A distinctly British design with heritage.

We are excited and proud to bring WILSON BENESCH to Vancouver!  I may need to take a whole day to describe the technologies that have been put into their loudspeakers (ie. A.C.T Monocoque, Tactic II driver, Isobaric topography, etc).

A demo pair of Act One Evolution in P1 Enzo has been ordered and on their way to our showroom.  We will keep you posted when they arrive.

For details, please visit their Wilson Benesch Website.

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Screen Innovations Zero Edge Pro

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New Zero Edge Pro filmscreen with three frame options (0.5″, 1.5″ & 2″), 12 color options to match your interior, ip backlighting by Philip HUE!

Why are you still waiting? Let’s turn your living room into your dream home theatre now?


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JBL Synthesis chosen by Professional

JBL Synthesis are among the mostharman_deluxe_toronto_small accurate sound reproduction systems in the world!  Here is another story of why JBL Synthesis was chosen to be heart of the largest state-of-the-art mixing facility by Deluxe Toronto Ltd.  The largest theatre, Mix 1, is also Canada’s first Dolby Atmos-equipped mixing stage.  Behind the screen of the main theatres are three M2 Master Reference Monitors.  JBL 3 Series Studio Monitors are chosen for the pre-mix room.  To read the whole story, please click here.

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Audience Cables and Power Conditioner


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The first time I heard about Audience goes back in time when I was young and ignorant and while I am still searching the right cables for my sound system in order to make it sound right, in other words tuning the sound of my gears. That was the date that I bought the second hand cables of the very reputable brands from an audiophile in Hong Kong.  I asked him why he wanted to sell this cable and he replied that he was going to change all his cables into “Audience” cables!  I didn’t understand because I was ignorant at that time.

Now I understand when I plugged Audience’s power cables into my system and all of the sudden the music came naturally.  This is something that I’ve never experienced before with other high-end audio cables.   No doubt that some so-called “higher” end cables did something positive to my system (ie. smoother high frequency, adding warmth and sweetness to the sound in a good way, tightening bass, etc).  Audience’s cables are different.  It is pure music!  In technical terms, naturalness, coherence, tonal balance and organic may be the words to describe. I cannot imagine there is any matching problem for Audience’s cables with any other electronics.   I would not reserve to recommend Audience to everybody even though you are not in the market of cables.  Don’t just read reviews.  Try listening them by your ears…………… 🙂

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JBL Synthesis Studio Monitor on Demo in Vancouver Now!

JBL Heritage

JBL sound: A heritage of excellence JBL loudspeakers have been the choice of music and movie professionals for more than 70 years. If I want to describe JBL sound, they are dynamic (really dynamic!), lively, effortless and coherent.  When you listen to them, you will soon forget all the hi-fi terms but enjoy “be in the venue” of a live music concert.

In fact, they are behind the screens of more than 50 percent of all movie theaters and hang in concert venues everywhere. Many of your favorite songs and movie soundtracks were mixed or mastered on JBL studio monitors. JBL home systems use technologies, materials and manufacturing techniques that JBL developed for professional speakers.  If you want to build a studio grade home theatre, simply put JBL Synthesis speakers behind your screen, get one of our specialist to calibrate them and you are set to go!


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Lamm Industries

At CES 2018 between January 9-12 2018 (Venetian Suite 35-307), we are looking forward to see Lamm Industries showing their signature amps  (LL1.1 Signature preamp, ML3 Signature amp, LP1 Signature phono, LP2.1 phono preamp) driving a pair of Kharma Exquisite Midi Grand Speakers.  Air force I turntable will be as source with TchernovCables. The whole system costs more than US$647,000! Also a silent display of their L2.1 Reference preamp is anticipated.



We are also proud to share the distinguished awards that this preamp had garnered from two of the most respected U.S. audio magazines:

Stereophile’s Product of the Year Finalist ((See Link)

The Absolute Sound’s Preamplifier of the Year (See link)